Who We Are

EMPSCO is an organization based on a premise of operational flexibility, optimum opportunity for professional development, and maximized effective services to clients.  of activity for each particular project, such as project development, civil design, structural analysis, etc…, are integrated, if necessary, to provide the best coordination and execution during construction.  An easy flow of information and ideas between the various specialties is mandated for efficient planning and design.

 EMPSCO offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services in all the major engineering fields.  These services, which vary according to the disciplines involved in a project, include all steps in the analysis, planning, programming, design, coordination, administration, and supervision of the various project phases.  EMPSCO’s approach to multi-disciplinary projects involves a close integration of dissimilar services into a coordinated whole as best benefits the client.

 EMPSCO has developed into a competitive engineering consultancy firm, brought about by experience and thoughtful application of creative engineering abilities.  Services provided to each client and point of contact is managed by a principal of the firm.  Each principal in charge of a project assembles a design team headed by an experienced project manager.  The concept of a dynamic, flexible, and reliable design team forms EMPSCO’s basic foundation.

 As an alternative, EMPSCO has available resources of qualified consultants (as dictated by project requirements) who are retained for their proven expertise.  With this concept of team approach, close coordination among the team members can easily be achieved and thus, produces the required results.

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Repair and Modernize Bachelor Quarters Bldg. 580, 581, & 584

This is a “Design-Build” project intended to repair and modernize Bachelor Quarters Buildings.
Part of the base mission of Camp Covington is to provide housing support to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion personnel deployed to Guam. The work is located at Building 580, 581 and 584, Camp Covington, U.S. Naval Base Guam, as indicated in the attached vicinity map. The Contracting Officer will designate the exact location of the subject project.