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Believing that high quality professional services can be provided cost effectively through a combination of professional experience, project management, and state of the art technology, EMPSCO - ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS was incorporated on 1987.  An engineering firm based in Guam, with branch offices in Manila, Marianas Islands and California, it has built a reputation of technical competence and reliable engineering design, planning, and construction management services.


Design Philosophy


EMPSCO - ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS’ design philosophy highlights cost effectiveness and state of the art technology.  Each project is treated as the best the firm has ever undertaken and applies value engineering; modern computer-aided engineering; and computer-aided designs and techniques that are geared toward meeting all set deadlines.  EMPSCO aims to complete successful projects that are truly well-planned and serve as functional environments to its users.  It guarantees to meet clients’ needs by developing a range of engineering capabilities in new construction, renovation, upgrading, equipment installation, and construction management.

Assured quality service from locally based professionals who deliver engineered products on time, within budget, and at a reasonable cost is what EMPSCO is all about.





Repair and Modernize Bachelor Quarters Bldg. 580, 581, & 584

This is a “Design-Build” project intended to repair and modernize Bachelor Quarters Buildings.
Part of the base mission of Camp Covington is to provide housing support to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion personnel deployed to Guam. The work is located at Building 580, 581 and 584, Camp Covington, U.S. Naval Base Guam, as indicated in the attached vicinity map. The Contracting Officer will designate the exact location of the subject project.