Design-Build Projects

Repair and Modernize Bachelor Quarters Bldg. 580, 581& 584, Camp Covington


This project is intended to repair and modernize Bachelor Quarters Bldg. 580, 581 and 584 spaces to comply with BEQ Construction Standards as outlined in MIL HDBK 1036A Bachelor Housing Standards,
new interior/ exterior doors with card key system, and to meet the 170mph wind velocity and IBC 2003 minimum design category “D” requirements. Renovation will utilize energy conservation and efficient plumbing, mechanical, and electrical fixtures/equipment.

Estimated Construction Cost : $10.5M





FY10 P3180 Postal Service Center

EMPSCO prepared design build contract document for this 5000 SF single storey fully functional Postal Service Center at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Design is in compliance with DOD AT/FP, ADA, typhoon wind 190 mph, seismic zone 4, and is registered a USGBC LEED Certified Silver Building.

Estimated Construction Cost : $5.0M



Construct Antenna and Radome Structure, NCTMS


This project includes the construction of 3 each steel reinforced concrete antennas and radomes foundations and structures complete with metal platforms and stairs, electrical power supply and grounding, anemometer tower foundations, signal conduits and connections between the operations Bldg 199 and the antenna and radome structures, and concrete paving. Provided all services required for the preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates. Work includes construction of antenna and radome structures foundation and supporting structures. Design included architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical.

Estimated Construction Cost: $ 11.0M


Realign Arc Light Boulevard


This roadway project intended to install three roundabouts at the following intersections; Arc Light Boulevard (Blvd) with Marianas Blvd; Carolines Avenue with Chicago Avenue; and Chicago Avenue with Davis Avenue. This project will also widen the Arc Light Blvd, Carolines Avenue, and Chicago Avenue thoroughfares by adding a median divider, bike lane, and sidewalk.

Estimated Construction Cost: $ 6.0M






Repair and Modernize Bachelor Quarters Bldg. 580, 581, & 584

This is a “Design-Build” project intended to repair and modernize Bachelor Quarters Buildings.
Part of the base mission of Camp Covington is to provide housing support to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion personnel deployed to Guam. The work is located at Building 580, 581 and 584, Camp Covington, U.S. Naval Base Guam, as indicated in the attached vicinity map. The Contracting Officer will designate the exact location of the subject project.